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Buy Sunless Skies CD Key Compare Prices

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Buy Sunless Skies CD Key Compare Prices
Buy Sunless Skies CD Key Compare Prices



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What is Sunless Skies CD Key?

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What is Sunless Skies?

Prepare to embark on a daring and whimsical adventure through the vastness of space as a Victorian empire takes flight in Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition. Take command of a spacefaring steam locomotive and guide your eccentric crew through thrilling escapades, all while encountering smuggled souls, trading barrels of time, and indulging in a nice cup of tea.

Key Features:

  1. Create your past: Step into the shoes of a skyfarer by choosing your pre-skyfaring background. Were you an urchin, a priest, or a revolutionary? Uncover the secrets that brought you to this point and the hidden truths you’re keeping.
  2. Explore a beautiful, hostile universe: Delve deeper into the captivating Fallen London Universe, previously featured in Sunless Sea. Although playing the prequel is not required, prepare to unravel a completely new and enthralling story within this marvelous, dark universe.
  3. Improve your locomotive: Your trusty locomotive is your lifeline amidst the perils of the Heavens. Upgrade and maintain it with exotic weaponry and equipment, such as the Pneumatic Mining Array or the rapid-fire Brassraven. Craft unique weapons, like the Wrath of Heaven, from the remains of your defeated enemies. And if you’re feeling adventurous, splurge on a whole new locomotive, like the capacity-filled Pellinore-class Trader or the sleek malevolence of the Medea-class Destroyer.
  4. Fight marauders, agents, and abominations: Engage in thrilling battles against rival locomotives, ranging from scrappy pirates to experimental warships of the imperial navy. Face nightmarish creatures like the Undeparted or furious swarms of Chorister-bees. Manipulate different factions to your advantage and study the unique behaviors of each foe. Utilize Full Steam mode to evade trouble or chase down your elusive targets.
  5. Survive starvation, madness, and terror: Manage your crew’s morale while grappling with your captain’s personal nightmares. Balance fuel and supplies against your desire for exploration, knowledge, and wealth. But remember, the darkness around you will change everyone involved.

Additional Features:

  • Recruit variously helpful officers: Assemble an eccentric crew with upgradeable officers, each with their own quests and stories. Meet a repentant devil, an incognito princess, an entire brigade of rats, and even your own Aunt who mysteriously found her way into space.
  • The World: Immerse yourself in the sprawling Victorian Empire that stretches across the skies. Witness a new sun built by the empire’s ambitious ruler, the Empress, who controls time from the Throne of Hours. Brace yourself for the wonders and horrors of the High Wilderness, where shattered celestial ruins, stellar jungles, and industrial sprawl coexist. Encounter the dying Judgements, vast intelligences governing all things, as their thrones grow vacant.
  • 800,000+ words of intertwining stories: Immerse yourself in a narrative of unprecedented depth and richness, inspired by literary greats like CS Lewis, Jules Verne, HP Lovecraft, and HG Wells.
  • Lush hand-drawn 2D art: Feast your eyes on captivating visuals that bring the imaginative world to life.
  • Real-time combat: Engage in thrilling battles against celestial foes and merciless pirates as you navigate the skies.
  • A choice of play styles: Build a lineage of captains, with each one leaving their mark on the world, or reload your most recent captain and continue their story.
  • Narrative leveling: Uncover your captain’s past and unravel their story as you traverse the skies.
  • Unique trading system: Earn your fortune through trading in a story-rich environment, or risk it all by becoming a daring smuggler.
  • Collect pets: Delight in the company of unique pets like the Inadvisably Big Dog, Useless Cat, Perfect Pangolin, and more.
  • Key remapping and controller support: Customize your controls with key remapping for both keyboard and mouse, and enjoy full controller support.

Who are Failbetter Games?

We’re a spirited and imaginative British games studio based in London, dedicated to creating indie games since 2009. Prepare to step into the darkness with us as we embark on this extraordinary journey.

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What is Sunless Skies System Requirements?


OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium 2Ghz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities
Storage: 4500 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible

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